Finance… The most critical part of a real estate purchase decision for every individual. At this point, many decisions related to real estate investment may either start or end. As per 2014 National Association of Realtor’s report, around 88 percent of Home buyers finance their purchase. The down payment percentage ranges between 5-10 percent that varies across the age group of investors. The younger generation finds it more difficult to arrange for down payment amount for all obvious reasons. Financing has become more difficult these […]

Buying office space for your business is not a decision that you can take in an instant. It is imperative to invest a considerable amount of time and energy to explore an office premise that is desirable in all the aspects. When you plan to buy office space for your business in the aggressive market of Australia, then there are few of the key aspects that you need to take into account. Some of the key points that could be valuable in the same regard […]

What is the ideal franchise opportunity? It depends on what you are looking for. Below you will find criteria you will have to take into account when considering what the ideal franchise opportunity for you will look like. What Would You Love? First of all you have to beware that running a business, even a franchise with a proven business model, is hard work. Many entrepreneurs set up businesses as they want more freedom, only to find they have less. A business that is run […]

There is an old saying, ‘Love what you do, Do what you love!!’ We may be doing a job for years without realizing that this is not what we want to do from core of our heart. And, maybe one day suddenly we realize that the hobby activity that we do in our free time can be turned into a business. That is; something that you love doing and can make you earn a living while you enjoy is worth considering as a business because […]

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